One-of-One Pearl Edition

The 1/1 Pearl Edition is comprised of carefully selected artwork limited to a single signed and numbered print as well as ownership of the oyster shell used to create it. Artwork in this edition will enrich your space with a story that is truly one-of-a-kind!

—Quadra Island, BC

The Pacific Oyster, one of the fastest-growing species, is several times the size of the eastern oysters grown on PEI. To collect some of these shells, as well as visit the growers, I made the long flight to Vancouver Island. One of my excursions involved a 10-minute ferry ride to Quadra Island where I walked the shore of Heriot Bay—the picturesque hub of the east side of Quadra Island, facing the dramatic views of the mainland coast.

Back in my studio I explored the surface of one of these shells. When I discovered what was hiding there my thoughts revisited the mild temperate climate, pristine environment and breathtaking coastal scenery I was filled with joy—a blissful moment!

“Recollections of unexpected adventure were evoked by the blissful caress of the ocean breeze.” —My poetic observation.

1/1 Pearl Edition of “BLISS”—Quadra Island, BC also includes the oyster shell used to create the artwork.

Every piece of Oyster Art inherently has a story, but having the shell that inspired it on display with the only printed piece is a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Enrich your space with a story!

. . . and what a story it is when you own the only print
and the inspiration shell.

—Quadra Island, BC

$9,950 CAD

• Signed & numbered print on on ready-to-hang acrylic or 1.5″ thick gallery canvas >Substrate details
• We are happy to help you choose a size and aspect ratio to suit your space. (Samples shown here are digitally staged as examples.)
• Inspiration shell in glass display case
• Certificate of Authenticity

** THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE PRINT OF THIS IMAGE REGARDLESS OF SIZE OR MEDIUM. Prints may differ from the colours viewed on your device.


Behind the Lens

Foodies the world over clamour to enjoy the best oysters. Now, photographic artist Debbie Brady wants art lovers to do the same. She looks at oysters from a creative perspective using specialized macro photography techniques to celebrate the ones that are rich with unexpected beauty. Borrowing a quote from the photographer Ansel Adams, Debbie says, “I work to transform curiosity into art.”