Art is an essential element of any residential or commercial space. It can be used to create mood or ambiance, establish a focal point, tell a story, communicate a unique or personal style and even promote productivity and well-being.

Oyster Art is in a niche market with particular appeal to those wanting something not everyone else has.

Finding just the right art pieces to complement or complete a design can be a challenge, given the myriad options to consider. However, Oyster Art could be just the solution you are looking for to enhance your creative vision.

Sea Rocket Oyster House, Charlottetown, PE (Designed by Design 360 Inc., Halifax, NS)

What is Oyster Art?

Oyster Art is an evolving collection of complex macro-photographic images created from stacking multiple photos of small sections of oyster shells gathered from around the world.
• original photographic art
• nature’s never-before-seen abstracts
• a unique conversation piece
• timeless depth and beauty
• enriches any space with an incredible story
My creative process involves diligent attention to detail and a passion for excellence —qualities expected, and appreciated by my clients. Learn more here.

The Oyster Art Collection

Three editions represent increasing levels of investment. Click here to see the current collection.
Open Edition:
There is no limit on the number of signed prints of these images that can be produced and sold.
Limited Edition:
A maximum of 10 signed and numbered prints of these images are produced regardless of the size or medium. A purchase from the Limited Edition includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
Pearl Edition:
Artwork in this edition is truly one-of-a-kind! Only one signed print of the images in this
carefully curated edition is available. The purchaser also receives the original inspiration oyster shell to display.

Size Matters!

Size and proportions can be customized to suit any space. Just contact me with the details of your specific requirements.

Samples of four aspect ratios images


I am delighted to negotiate commissions as part of my portfolio. A special memory is created when a client’s oyster shell is the subject for their very own piece of Oyster Art. The inspiration shell is returned to the client to display as part of the artwork’s provenance.

The fee for custom work using provided shells is based on the Open Edition pricing plus custom fee as follows:
• Artwork size priced $200 & under add a $200 custom fee.
• Artwork size priced from $201-$1,000 add a $150 custom fee.
• Artwork size priced over $1,000 will have the custom fee waived.

Oyster Art Studio & Gallery will retain the rights to sell more prints of image unless otherwise negotiated. Below are samples of two pieces I was commissioned to do using oyster shells provided by the clients.

Turnaround Time & Shipping

Artwork printing and delivery varies between 2–4 weeks depending on the size, medium and shipping destination. International shipping will take longer. Shipping costs are calculated by the cost of your artwork and the destination. Artwork is carefully custom boxed and insured shipped with tracking number provided.

Professional Pricing

Industry professionals or corporation collectors will receive the best pricing considerations. Contact me to discuss the options available.

The colour, shape and texture of an oyster shell is determined by the species and growing environment.

Endless Possibilities

No two oyster shells are alike, providing endless possibilities to inspire my work. Only a small percentage of shells prove to be “photogenic” enough to create an Oyster Art image. I maintain, document, and constantly replenish, an extensive inventory of shells.

Having seen Oyster Art, appreciation for this mollusc is heightened beyond its gastronomic appeal. Reactions often include: “I’ll never look at an oyster shell the same way again!”

Print Mediums

Oyster Art is available in three mediums: acrylic, canvas, & archival paper.
The latest HP latex ink are used to print directly onto acrylic. HP states that their latex prints, kept indoors, can last up to 200 years under ideal conditions. Of course “ideal” storage conditions probably aren’t the case in most people’s home, however, keeping the print out of direct sunlight, and out of excessive humidity will help ensure good longevity. Unlike paper prints, direct-to-acrylic prints are less susceptible to damage from humidity.

Giclée print on Frederix Satin Canvas, high-quality, acid-free and pH neutral base. The bright-white poly-cotton canvas with a traditional two-over-one weave is printed with Epson UltraChrome® GS3 9-colour system and stretched on 1.5 inch frame.

The paper prints use acid-free archival paper printed with archival inks which are specifically designed to be resistant to weathering and fading so that it will last for a long time. Best practice is to hang any artwork out of direct sunlight. Large prints require mounting on a smooth surface to prevent rippling over time. Mounting can be provided at an extra cost or can be done by a framing company of your choosing.

Return Policy

Oyster Art is insured shipped in custom boxes. If there is damage due to shipment the artwork will be replaced. Otherwise, a purchase of Oyster Art is a final sale and cannot be returned for refund.