Enrich your space with a story of abstract beauty

Debbie Brady specializes in macro photography techniques that uncover the never-before-seen abstract beauty hidden in small sections of oyster shell. How does she do it?

Oyster Art™* Editions

Three editions have been created to offer you carefully selected artworks at varying sizes and levels of investment. Every art purchase is accompanied by a digital information card which contains a perspective photo of the inspiration shell indicating the small section used, the location the shell was sourced, as well as an overview of Oyster Art and the artist. The One-of-One Pearl Edition also includes ownership of the oyster shell used to create it. Rest assured that every photograph is a piece of fine art deserving to be proudly displayed and talked about. Oyster Art will enrich your space with a story!

Open Edition

Limited Edition

1/1 Pearl Edition

Imagine! Your shell could be the subject for a piece of Oyster Art™*.

Perhaps a member of your family is an oyster fisher or maybe you’ve collected a weathered shell during a walk on your favourite shore. You can enrich your space by commissioning a piece of Oyster Art inspired by a shell with personal significance. Its story would be timeless! Contact me for details.

The Woman Behind the Lens

Foodies the world over clamour to enjoy the best oysters. Now, photographic artist Debbie Brady wants art lovers to do the same. She looks at everything—especially oysters—from a creative perspective using specialized macro photography techniques to celebrate their rich unexpected beauty. Borrowing a quote from the photographer Ansel Adams, Debbie says, “I work to transform curiosity into art.”