I am excited to share this special collection of my photographic images:
40 artworks—including 30 new ones that were created just for this project—all inspired by Prince Edward Island oyster shells and my desire to ignite appreciation for my province and its oyster industry.

Have a peek to see what’s inside!

Islanders like for people to get to know one another who they are, what they do and how. So the book begins with a little background about me and my photographic journey, some basics about my photographic process, and how to navigate the book.

The collection is a guided visual journey along the shores of Prince Edward Island. Each of the Island’s four scenic areas—North Cape Coastal Drive, Green Gables Shore and Red Sands Shore and Points East Coastal Drive—has its own chapter featuring 10 artworks from oyster shells found there and the source location indicated on a map.

Each of the 10 artworks per scenic area are beautifully displayed as 12″W x 8″H prints. Photographic specifications are listed directly below every Oyster Art print.

The page opposite announces the artwork’s special name accompanied by its story-starter caption and the source location of its inspiration shell. I’ve also written some stories about the creation of the artwork and information about Prince Edward Island.

A perspective photo of the inspiration shell next to a measuring tape contains a blue rectangle outlining the small area that was photographed to create that piece of Oyster Art. When possible, a grid of thumbnails illustrates the number of images that artwork required.

The image is also featured in a digitally staged room so that you can envision the artwork displayed on a wall and there is a “Did you know…?” feature that shares some fun facts and trivia about oysters.

What’s being said about the book and the Oyster Art collection?

Here is what reviewer L.J. Henderson has said about it:

Oyster Art: THE BOOK is a feast for the eyes and a celebration of Prince Edward Island!
Award winning professional photographer Debbie Brady has compiled a stunning art collection of forty of her ingenious macro-photographic images of Prince Edward Island oyster shells in her new book Oyster Art: THE BOOK.
In the book’s foreword, Don Komarechka, internationally renowned photographer and author of Macro Photography: The Universe at Our Feet writes: “Debbie Brady is an explorer of minuscule marvels. This body of work encompasses both a passion for abstract artwork as well as a deep understanding of photographic technique and the subject itself. Through this book you’ll be educated and inspired, all about a subject that you would have never thought at length about: the colours, lines and textures of the shell of an oyster.”
Each turn of the page is a celebration – not only of Brady’s creative talents and the exquisite images, but also of Prince Edward Island, its oysters and the aqua-farmers caring for them.

Patrick McMurray, 2002 World Champion & Guiness Book Record Oyster Shucker wrote:

Debbie Brady has the Eyes of a Pro-Shucker. Her Photographic Art reveals the Oystery layers. Peeling back the years, speaking of PEI’s region, Fisher’s and Farmer’s work, and exposing the story of the Oyster. I do hope you take the time to read the Oyster’s Shells the next time you devour a plate of freshly Shucked at your local Oyster bar. . . and by perusing Debbie Brady’s Scrumptiously Delicious – Oyster Art. Dive in. The Water’s as fine as the Oyster Art.

Check out Patrick’s Instagram reel about the book.

Janice Bull, client from Northampton, New Brunswick, Canada wrote:

Oyster Art (THE BOOK) is a fabulous culmination, at a world class level, of how effective an inspiring photographer’s attention to detail can lead one’s eye to the inner most aspects of nature in full flower.

Debbie Brady has spent many years researching, documenting, then photographing the beauty hidden deep within the shells of oysters found throughout her beloved Prince Edward Island.

This captivating book reveals an enchanting inner world both minute and expansive leading the eye to believe there is a never ending landscape ahead; all from the view of a tiny segment of shell often as small as the top of a tack.

By exploring the history of the oyster harvest, then offering practical knowledge on the lifecycle of the oyster, the pride of the people involved with oyster lore glows throughout the text and photographs.

A book such as this should find itself on the coffee tables of seafood aficionados and travellers around the world. 

Well done Debbie Brady.

• Book dimensions 12″W x 10″H (closed)
• Hardcover with linen finish
• 104 pages, 100lb matte finish
• Forty 12″W x 8″H Oyster Art images
• Printed in Canada
• Self-published
• Every copy will be personally autographed
• $100 each plus applicable tax & shipping fees